Tonawanda Zoom Teeth Whitening Services

Beautiful, bright, white smiles are a sign of good health and a youthful appearance. Many people have teeth stained from coffee, smoking, or wine, making their smile appear dull or yellow. ZOOM!® teeth whitening is a professional whitening system administered by a dentist that brightens teeth several shades whiter.

Zoom teeth whitening services are available at Tonawanda’s Bison Dentistry. Professional whitening treatment with a Zoom whitening dentist gives patients better results and a more confident smile. Patients with a big event coming up, such as a wedding, class reunion, or party, can wow their friends and family with a dazzling smile. Call us at (716) 696-1951 to find out more.

How Zoom Whitening Works

Zoom teeth whitening uses several powerful ingredients to reduce the dull and yellow appearance and make your smile brighter. It comes in a gel material, made with hydrogen peroxide. This formula is much more powerful and effective than over-the-counter products. The dentist will coat the teeth with this gel and then use a special light to activate the gel and remove the staining on the teeth. The typical hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening treatment at our Tonawanda dental clinic takes just over an hour and includes a take home maintenance kit. With Zoom, patients will see whiter teeth immediately.

“This formula is much more powerful and effective than over-the-counter products.”

Advantages of Zoom Over Home Teeth Whitening

Deciding between at-home whitening versus professional whitening depends on many different factors. Home whitening kits are popular today, but professional whitening is much more effective, fast, and longer lasting. The most common reason people prefer professional whitening like Zoom is because of the quick results. Whitening kits over-the-counter may not be as impressive as the results from Zoom whitening. Patients that desire whiter teeth fast and with more framatic results should consider professional teeth whitening.

Patient prefer Zoom because it is gentle enough for sensitive teeth and has the added supervision of the dental provider during application. Choosing professional whitening ensures the patient will not experience enamel or sensitivity issues. According to a study from the Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice, overaggressive tooth whitening at home may cause tooth sensitivity.

“The most common reason people prefer professional whitening like Zoom is because of the quick results.”

How to prepare for Teeth Whitening

Preparing for a Zoom teeth whitening treatment at our Tonawanda office is very simple and straightforward. Our team recommends that patients start with an updated dental exam and cleaning. Prior to coming to the office on the day of the procedure, patients should brush and floss. Patients are able to drive themselves to and from the procedure as no anesthesia is required.

“ It may also be more comfortable to apply lip balm before the treatments so the lips do not get too dry during the whitening process.”

What To Expect During Treatment

Before starting the treatment process, our team will guide patients to understanding what happens at each appointment. Here are the steps in the Zoom whitening process.

  • Setup: The dental provider will take pictures of the current shade of teeth and give information on what type of results to expect. Next, the dentist places cheek retractors into the mouth to pull back the lips and expose the teeth for the whitening treatment.
  • Gel Application: The next part of the process involves the proprietary Zoom gel. The dentist coats the patient’s teeth with the whitening gel and uses Zoom light to activate the gel. Return Treatment: For optimal results, patients should return for additional whitening treatments. Many patients complete about three treatments.
  • Return Treatment: For optimal results, patients should return for additional whitening treatments. Many patients complete about three treatments.
  • After Whitening: Patients may get a home touch-up whitening kit to help maintain the results. When using the home trays, coat the tray with whitening gel and wear on the teeth for about two hours. Patients should store the touch-up kit in a cool, dry place.

“For optimal results, patients should return for additional whitening treatments.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients who have healthy teeth and gums and commit to a solid oral health routine are good candidates for professional whitening. According to the American Dental Association, whitening does not work for patients with dental implants, crowns, or other restorations for the teeth. Whitening treatment is also not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Zoom teeth whitening does not cause any pain or discomfort. The dentist coats the teeth with a gel, which is painless. The light to activate the product also does not cause discomfort. Patients with sensitive teeth should talk to their dentist about treatment.

Before the treatment, the dentist will go over the costs with the patient. Professional whitening costs vary, depending on each individual situation. After whitening, it is important to protect the investment to avoid staining the teeth.

Zoom teeth whitening is not a permanent solution for white teeth. Patients may need to schedule repeat treatments depending on their eating habits. If patients avoid foods that stain the teeth, they may not need to return for another treatment until a year or two later.

Visiting a dentist to get professional whitening in the office helps patients protect their gums and teeth enamel. Patients with sensitivity or gum irritation would benefit from treatments under their dentist's supervision. If patients opt for an over-the-counter product, they run the risk of using too much, which could cause irritation.

It is essential to keep up with excellent brushing and flossing habits after Zoom teeth whitening. The dentist may recommend a specific brand of toothpaste to help maintain results. It is also important to continue with regular dental check-ups.

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